Our beautiful open-air and ocean front yoga class offer a serene setting with soothing sounds of the ocean. You’ll make a new network of peers, mentors, and friends that will open up opportunities and new experiences. If you’re feeling stuck in the rat race or like life is flying by too fast, training courses for teachers give you a space of time to focus on what you really want to be when you grow up. You’ll transform yourself to be a person that finds it easier to be happy, harder to be upset and all-round wiser and healthier. Training of teachers allows the student to become immersed in anatomical demonstrations and philosophical lessons.

Romantic & wedding

Love is wonderful! A relationship is like an exotic plant that requires good care. Our hotel is located in the most quiet part of the beach, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy each other and have the place all to yourselves. We will be happy to organise a private romantic dinner for you right on the beach. Our chef  and other restaurant staff will make sure you have an unforgettable evening! We will decorate your room with flowers, offer you a boat trip or a horse ride and do everything we can to help you get joyful memories, which you will keep throughout your lives. Depending on your choice we can offer you various wedding ceremonies: Catholic, Indian or Buddhist. The ceremony will be performed by a friendly clergyman whose blessing will protect your Holy Alliance. We offer professional event planning services including creating a menu at our vegetarian Harmonium Caffe, organising photo/video shooting and picking music of your choice! We want you to be happy!

Healthy lifestyle

They say in India that human body is just a case for a living soul. We trust that our bodies must be healthy, sprightly and cheerful. Our hotel was created in order to help you enhance these qualities. Every morning starts with a yoga class and breathing exercises, jogging along the wonderful 4 km beach, horse ride, bike ride or kayaking. Our guests fully recover their vital energies getting access to rare sources of organic Goan health. Nature is the best doctor and we do our best to let you enjoy it as much as possible. What we really want you to find here is aspiration to your new beginnings, no matter how big they might be.